In the ‘money business’ for you!

If you’re looking for a real helping hand to run and grow your business, someone who gives you straight advice without the ‘geek speak’, someone you can talk to for all your money concerns, this will be one of the most important websites you ever visit.

While other accountants may specialise in tax or superannuation or some other aspect of accounting, we tie it all together. Our clients don’t just call us at tax time, they call us whenever they think of money.

If they are looking to invest in property or shares, they talk to us first. If they are changing jobs or about to get a pay increase, they talk to us. If they are thinking of buying a new house, car or business, they talk to us. We are like financial partners providing advice and support... whenever you think of money, you can count on us to help you make more of it.

We help our business owner clients with straight advice for their business, where a deal’s a deal and there are no nasty surprises. We stop the clock and return phone calls fast. We help you plan your tax saving strategies through the year, at a time and place convenient to you, even if it needs to be after hours.

Not your Usual Accounting Firm

We are different… not your usual Accounting Firm. In fact, we’re more like business coaches, mentors… even company directors… who roll up our sleeves and give you real, practical help. In other words, we help you to have business freedom.

We take and make time to understand our client’s needs. As a client of Straight Talk Accounting & Tax you have access to our team of experts – with priority service and preferential rates. Just one of the things we do to make sure our clients get the best help with all their money concerns, big or small.

We understand that we need to earn your trust first, before we can roll up our sleeves and give you real, practical help to grow your revenues, profits, business value and personal wealth. There is one thing that our clients appreciate: it’s the fact that we tell you the truth about your money situation — even when it’s hard to say (and even harder to hear). Anything short of this would be a disservice to you. But don’t worry — we don’t just give you the facts, we also give you the solutions. And we help you every step of the way in putting it into action.

Our advice to you typically covers strategies how to legally slash your tax, recommendations or advice in relation to asset protection and business succession planning, business systems improvements to manage your cash flow better, enable you to go mobile with parts of your business admin, debt management and much more.

To help you fast track your business, we’ve developed an easy to follow, step-by-step process which we will teach you to implement in your business.

Where it all starts

First of all, we deliver all kinds of standard tax return services for both individuals and businesses. Typically that means number crunching and knowing your way around the tax law to make sure your income tax returns or BAS statements are tax compliant. Yet, it’s what we actually do behind the scenes to help our business owner clients increase their profits, that’s driving our Team.

Preparing a tax return for our client is only the first step in our journey together. We get a close look at your critical business numbers, interpret the trends and alert you to opportunities or threats. You can talk to us all year round, that’s how you get the best value from our analysis of your business performance. The story is all in the numbers, and we look at them straight, no sugar coating there.

We meet with our clients and essentially, we talk a lot, by phone or in person, as often as they need to set the course for the business using solid analysis of business financials and the insights we gain from this process. You can count on us to explain everything in straight terms, and we’ll devise a plan of action together that will help your business thrive and put more money in your pocket. When we know your business intimately we often find opportunities to slash your tax and save you thousands.

Focusing on profit and wealth building

Our services to business owners are not just focused on tax or business advice. We also have 20 years of experience in helping clients with financial planning, self managed superannuation funds, negatively geared properties, and asset protection through the right insurance and business structure - just looking out for the bigger picture for you.

We have helped hundreds of business owners increase their business profits and help them invest any surplus to set them up for retirement. In particular, we have developed industry expertise with builders, plumbers, electricians, and painters. We understand the particular concerns of Tradies and offer a library of FREE Resources on our website to help them learn more. You can subscribe to our regular newsletter right here on this page, to stay informed.

Fasttrack to Your Business Success

If you're business owner looking to roll up your sleeves and work with us to fasttrack your business success we invite you to book a FREE, one hour introductory consultation to discuss your business needs. You’ll get an assessment of your last three years’ tax returns to see how much unnecessary tax you have paid, an analysis of your revenues, profits, and taxes paid, plus some recommendations how you can improve your numbers.

For more information on how we help you accelerate your business growth visit our Business Services “<insert name and link>” page.

Technology is our friend

Geography is no longer an obstacle, and our firm has taken full advantage of the available online technology to communicate with our clients – of course, we still enjoy going to see them at their premises, or have them come to our office at Norman Park in Queensland for a chat. We meet and communicate in a way that works best for our clients.