You can outgrow any relationship. But when it’s the relationship to your accountant that’s no longer working for you, then you might be hesitant to go ahead with switching accountants. After all, the accountant has all your financial records and tax history.

Changing accountants is actually easier than you might think and we can help you with that. There is no need for you to manage this process yourself. Once you’ve made your decision, we will contact your current accountant with an ‘ethical clearance’ letter asking if there is any reason why we should not accept the engagement.

At the same time we would request the information from their records, like copies of documents and financial records including prior year tax returns and schedules. This process is generally a formality and there is no need for you to be involved directly. The only thing that could prevent a smooth transfer of records could be an unpaid invoice with your former accountant.

You might have been with your current accountant for years and know them well. You may feel obliged to stay with their service, even when you’re no longer getting the service you need from them.


We’ve outlined 3 key reasons below that are worth thinking about when you’re considering to switch accountants.


1. Straight Advice at the Right Time

As your accountant, our real job is to help put your business on the path to success. We help you to move with current industry trends, to help you build business systems so your business flourishes — with or without you. Tax planning and compliance service is only the start of what we offer you.

Depending on the phase of the business you’re in, be that establishment, consolidation or expansion, we are fully aware that you need different kinds of advice during these stages, and not just tax services. We know that you need the right advice at the right time, and that your accountant needs to be able to assess where you’re at and give you strategies that match your business cycle. We roll up our sleeves and work in the trenches with you to propel your business to the heights to which YOU are aspiring.

2. We speak your language

Over the 30 years of accounting experience we’ve developed a keen understanding of the particular needs of small business owners, especially those in the tradie industry. We know that tradies are always on the move and, unlike other bricks and mortar businesses, need more flexible business systems to be efficient and to be able to make use of regular down times during the day.

Discussing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your business sytems and financials can be exhausting when it’s just ‘gobble-de-gook’. That’s why we talk to you in your language, instead of accounting speak. We know we need to have earned your trust before we talk straight with you. We take the time to get to know you and your business and we talk to you when you need advice, and not just at the end of the financial year.

3. Good communication

There’s nothing worse than waiting around for someone to phone you back when you just have a quick question to ask. Everything grinds to a halt. It’s incredibly frustrating. Our state-of-the-art internal communication systems (including cloud computing) allow us to keep in touch at all times. If you’ve left a message, we’ll know straight away and call you back as soon as we can — mostly within an hour. The key to a good relationship is good communication.